We’re gonna do just one more, I think, then get out of here. This song is one that I wrote a few years back for the last studio album we did together called Say You Will, and it was written about Stevie, as many of my songs are…. The thing about illusions is that you need them. You need illusions in order to grow, in order to dream. But you sometimes need to cast away illusions in order to grow. So as we move into the new year, perhaps a new way of thinking, a new set of possibilities, I’m going to dedicate this song to this beautiful lady that I have known since I was about 16 years old. She’s mad now because I’m making it difficult for her to do this song. It’s okay, just do the best you can. So this is for Stevie. This is called Say Goodbye.
Lindsey Buckingham
Fleetwood Mac live in Las Vegas, 12/30/2013 (via buckinghamnicks)
Tonight I’m gonna dedicate Landslide to our band. I’m really dedicating it to Fleetwood Mac, and I’m also really dedicating it to you, Lindsey. For all the wonderful things that you have done for me, and teaching me the little guitar pick that is in Landslide that I would never have known had it not been for you, and all the really wonderful music that you have brought into my life. And just for being a wonderful friend all these years. I just want you to know that even though we argue, the love is always still there. Now I’m going to take a couple of really deep yoga breaths while he does an extra long introduction and try to sing it.
Stevie Nicks
October 26, 2013
Amsterdam (via buckinghamnicks)